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Atlanta Sports Complex is "THE PLACE" for the serious athlete and the athlete at heart. We believe everyone has an inner athlete and it is our goal to tap into that ability and master that talent. If you train with us, we consider our members "ASC Athletes." Our mission is to provide every ASC Athlete, a unique and motivating total body training experience, regardless of fitness level or athletic ability. With Atlanta Sports Complex, you will reach your fitness goals.


Bring a Friend
Saturday 11:30am


Speed, Agility, Strength
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A Few Spots Left!
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FLEX! Yoga

Saturday 2:30pm
$15; 2/$20 or $50/mo

  • "I had goal to reach and I did it. I trained with Jeff. He was hard on me, but the hard work paid off"

  • "Great facility. They will get you the results you're looking for. Great trainers and great staff"

  • "OMG. I love this place for my fitness workout"

  • "Great facility, staff and euipment"

  • "Awesome trainers and workout! I only stopped about 20 times. But, I'll be alright and I will defintely be back"

  • "Glad to support urban business who appreciates it's clients and the community"